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Meet Danitza Borges


I am Danitza Borges and my passion is helping others heal, move forward, enjoy life, and live confidently.   My other passion is my bulldog Shakespeare.  The FWord Project began when I acknowledged that forgiveness is key to people healing and letting go in order to move forward in their journey.  My life’s journey has required me to forgive in order to live peacefully and productively. My goal is to gather and share forgiveness stories from people around the world.   I hope that with each story we can gain empathy, compassion, and inspiration to heal our own pains as well as help others heal.   Through forgiveness we can learn to be more patient, more loving, more kind, more understanding, and more gentle.  The act of forgiveness has the potential to change the human race one person at a time.  Join me in becoming fluent in the language of forgiveness.